What We Do

Design and consultation

We offer about 1000+ designs created by our in-house designers, who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. Once we get your inquiry about interior designs, one of our team project managers will sit with you to discuss your requirements.


We offer residential design solutions ranging from huge designs to small extensions, villas, and penthouse apartments. Our team of home interior designers has decade-long expertise and excellence in custom residential architectural design.


For architectural facades, municipal precincts, and commercial places, we produce large-scale luminous and digital artworks. To produce works for architectural projects and public areas, we integrate light, sculpture, digital media, and interactive technology. Great works, we think, emerge from respectful and collaborative partnerships. We also feel that inspiration is already there in a project, and it is our responsibility to bring it to light. We also enjoy 3D modeling, particularly environment art and hard surface modeling. We know how to use a variety of tools.

Interior designing

Finding qualified and dependable specialists is the most crucial decision you will make regarding interior décor. At Beautiful Homes Service, we make certain that your home's design is in the hands of our team of skilled interior designers. Your sweet home should represent your sense of style. From creating furniture to the selection of furnishings and lighting, everything is done carefully by our team.

Landscape design

Our team of landscape designers has a diverse range of experience in planning landscape design for your property. We can develop landscape designs that are unique and in tune with nature.

let’s create together, let’s create future!